Supreme Court must help migrants, says Anand Sharma

Senior Congress leaders on Wednesday raised the plight of the migrant workers who are trying to reach their native places on foot, with former Commerce Minister Anand Sharma asking the Supreme Court to take urgent note.

“Hope the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court take urgent note. As custodians of the statute, it is their duty to protect the fundamental rights of our people and not delay justice any more,” Mr. Sharma told The Hindu.

Citing a news report from Maharashtra of a 7-month pregnant woman’s long walk to her home and calling it a blot, Mr. Sharma said: “The top court needs to step in now and reassure our citizens. They don’t need pity, but their fundamental rights need to be protected by the top court.”

Echoing him, former Finance Minister P. Chidamabaram tweeted: “We ask questions. People ask questions. No one is there in government who will answer these questions. The pandemic has made every Minister and official unaccountable.”

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