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The days of old traditions and ridged household roles and rules are long gone. The bride of today isn’t cookie cutter and her engagement ring should reflect this too. If you are on the lookout for something completely unique to suit your non-traditional bride, then you have come to the right place.

If you think about all of the popular princess cuts that were avidly sought after by the traditional bride of yesterday, you are going to want to look at a completely different section of the store!

Actually, not looking in a section of the store and going down the bespoke custom-made route can be exactly what she needs and loves. Perhaps she might want a pink diamond engagement ring Brisbane ladies are gushing over? You can check out online jewellery shops and even nearby shops to see their range of bespoke beautiful rings to inspire you so that you can design from scratch and have significant input in the creation of your beloved’s ring.

Tips For Finding The Best Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

So, you need some help in choosing the perfect non-traditional engagement ring for your bride-to-be? Let’s look at some ideas for inspiration so you can track down the perfect option.

Perfect Engagement Ring For Non-Traditional Women | Cherry On Top
Image Source: Pixabay
  1. Go With Pearls
    With women, they are expected to talk about carats and diamond rings and so pearls would be quite the switch up indeed. However, if your lady is a pearl lover then they may really appreciate this as their engagement ring instead of the typical diamond route.
  2. Propose With A Family Heirloom
    There is nothing quite like a piece of special jewellery that comes from your family and finds its way into and onto her fingers. If a special ring has been passed down to you then you may want to make use of it as your engagement ring. The special meaning behind it on top of your own proposal will make for something very special and very unique.
  3. Create And Design Your Own
    You don’t always have to surprise your lady. If she is non-traditional, then she may love the chance to be included in choosing and creating her own ring with you. This is a beautiful way to also get you both involved in the process and ensure she is happy with every last centimetre of her engagement ring.
  4. Choose An Antique Ring

    Perfect Engagement Ring For Non-Traditional Women | Cherry On Top
    Image Source: Unsplash

Whether you go for something from the art deco or Victorian era, if your lady loves something different and appreciates a certain period of history, this could go down a treat. It is true that there are plenty of precious stones and diamonds in antique jewellery too, and there is always a unique story behind them. You can’t help but also appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of those pieces. They are not factory-made but have normally had plenty of love and time poured into them.

These are some of the non-traditional engagement ring ideas out there. Now that you have some inspiration, get thinking as to which one will most suit your Mrs.-to-be.

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