He made me look like a fool: Virat Kohli names bowler who foxed him early in his career

Virat Kohli may be a nightmare for bowlers, but there was a time when even the greatest batsman in the world today had problems facing quality bowlers. Kohli, captain of the Indian team, revealed an incident when he had no clue facing former leg-spinner Shane Warne.

Although Kohli and Warne never faced each other in international cricket, the two did cross paths in the IPL, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman, who was still young at the time, recalled how he struggled to read the former Rajasthan Royals skipper.

“Shane Warne made me look like a fool during IPL in 2009. I played him again in 2011 in Rajasthan, nothing significant happened there. He did not get me out, I did not score many runs against him. After the match, he came up to me and said never say anything back to the bowler, but obviously I did not listen (laughs),” he added.

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