Makeup is like painting, there are many colours and your face is the canvas. To create a good painting you need to have good brushes. Just like that, you need a good set of makeup brushes to create flawless makeup looks.

When I started out with makeup, I was all for using my fingers. I thought they worked just fine and it saved me a lot of money too. After all, good makeup brushes can cost a bomb. Doing your makeup with your fingers is all right for when you are in your teens or even when you want to just do the basics. However, if you ever want to do something elaborate, or perfect a glam night look, a good set of brushes is a must-have.

There are a few basic makeup brushes that we all must have in our makeup kits. Whether it is a perfect winged liner or a great contour, good brushes can help you achieve a flawless makeup look. Here are our picks for all the brushes you need to perfect your makeup skills.

  • Blending Brush:

    There is nothing worse than patchy, un-blended makeup. A good blending brush is an essential makeup tool. If you don’t have any other brushes, this is the first one you should get. A blending brush works best with foundations and other liquid products. If you want to get an airbrushed look, this is the brush you need.

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  • Concealer Brush:

    A concealer helps you hide any imperfections, blemishes or marks. In order for a concealer to remain concealed, you need to blend it right and that is why you need a concealer brush. This thin blending brush will ensure that your concealer does its job and remains unseen under your foundation.

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  • Powder Brush:

    This is perhaps the most widely used makeup brush out there. Powder is a very important part of makeup; it sets your foundation and ensures that it stays in place all day long. A powder brush ensures that your powder is evenly distributed. It also helps in giving a good finishing touch to your entire face.

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  • Eyeliner Brush:

    There are many looks that you can create with just your eyeliner, and a good eyeliner brush will help you achieve all those looks. This tool can help you get the perfect winged liner or a smoky eye. If you want to buy only one brush, you should buy this one.

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  • Eyeshadow Brush:

    Eyeshadow brushes are the only way to make sure you apply your shadow the right way. The right eyeshadow brush is a good applicator as well as a blender. Good eyeshadow brushes also ensure that there is minimal fallout when you work with powder shadows. You can buy them in pairs where one can be used to apply glitters, and the other can be used as a blender.

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If you have these six brushes in your bag, you can create any makeup look you want.




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